How it works

What’s included in the package?

  • Usually, any event participation fee covers: the cost of yacht charter, professional crew, regatta entry fees and other costs of enrolment, marina charges, yacht and crew insurance, board onboard (lunch, water, and – in the case of cruises – full board during the cruise)
  • In some offers, the package also contains basic “team” clothes, as a rule they are technical long sleeve shirts and sailing shorts of recognized brands. This has been clearly marked, whenever applicable.
  • The offers presented in this Programme have been issued by various shipowners/organizers, so it is always worth checking what is included in the event fees.

What remains outside of the proposed package?

  • travel expenses to the regatta destination / to the port of departure, or the return trip (we can assist in finding best connections)
  • expenses in the destination of the regatta: accommodation, meals, etc. – in the case of cruises and offshore regattas – these are the costs of stay in the days before and after the cruise or regatta (as a rule – there’s no option to sleep on the boat)
  • we also strongly recommend to purchase individual medical insurance, covering amateur sailing
  • sailing clothes and individual equipment of each crew (individual safety devices are available on each boat, i.e. safety vests and belts for each member of the crew)

How do I pay?

  • a place for a specific event or charter is booked upon payment of 50% of the participation costs in form of a non-refundable deposit.
  • the reminder must be paid 30 days before the start of the regatta or cruise
  • in emergencies when you cannot participate despite the advance payment of the deposit, you are allowed to sell your place to another person
  • normally, a fee is charged by the boatowner or by and an invoice is issued upon request
  • when other services are performed, e.g. advertising on the yacht, clothing etc. the settlement terms and conditions are negotiated individually

Who are these proposals for?

  • what we’re offering is to join a sailing sport event – everyone who has the ambition and the desire to go in sailing beyond the standard “cruise with a skipper”, will surely find something suitable here, regardless of their age and physical predicament
  • the only condition is good health – good enough to participate in amateur sport
  • as a rule, the most physically demanding are Offshore regattas as well racing on smaller boats (Soto 40, Selma Racing)
  • for those who dream of sailing a proper racer in slightly more comfortable conditions, or with a family, ‘delivery cruises’ offer an unparalleled opportunity